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YSCC Mission Statement

“Meeting the challenge of small college athletics"

The Yankee Small College Conference recognizes the importance of small college athletic programs to help provide a positive intercollegiate experience for the member institutional athletic programs. The YSCC has adopted measures which will create exciting opportunities for member schools to participate in regular and post-season action.  The YSCC also recognizes the need to formulate standards of fair play using NCAA rules and regulations while recognizing the importance of promoting positive social values through intercollegiate athletic competition. The YSCC strives to create a student athlete whose contributions will extend beyond the playing fields, into the classroom, the college, and the larger community.


The YSCC seeks to achieve and recognize the following;

  • administrating intercollegiate athletics in accordance with the ethical standards of honesty and sportsmanship;
  • honoring fair play and the spirit of wholesome competitive sports;
  • commending student athletes of exemplary academic and athletic ability;
  • conducting athletic programs in a manner designed to protect and enhance the physical and educational welfare of student athletes;
  • establishing and maintaining a competitive environment that values cultural and gender equity;
  • developing an athletic conference, which serves as a model for other conferences around the United States.