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New England Collegiate Association

New England Collegiate Association

In conjunction with the YSCC

NECA philosophy:

 NECA (New England Collegiate Association) will serve as a developmental subdivision conference for any schools that are not currently ready or able to compete at the USCAA level.  Membership in NECA championships would be open to all full members and all affiliate members.  

Requirements & Opportunities:

The NECA conference will not require a regular season schedule for any of the sports but would offer scheduling opportunities if member colleges choose to do so.  All member colleges will be invited to participate in the championships. Member colleges would be expected to attend the four YSCC meetings held every year.

Membership Application process:

Colleges interested in applying for NECA membership would apply formally in writing prior to the February or May meeting. A majority vote at the next meeting would be taken by YSCC membership to include the applying college as a member NECA college. The May meeting is considered to be two meetings. The first day is meeting # 1 and the second day is meeting # 2. Other options for membership will be taken on an individual basis.

NECA members wishing to apply for the YSCC would apply through the standard YSCC application process.

USCAA Affiliation: 

Member Colleges that compete in the USCAA for a particular sport may also enter a team to compete in that sport in the NECA as long as USCAA roster players are not on the NECA rosters in the same season.  


Most NECA sport offerings will be using institutional eligibility to determine team rosters. Fall baseball and fall softball will use the USCAA eligibility rules to determine player’s eligibility.

Post Season: 

The YSCC would distinguish specific sports and seasons for the in-season and post-season championship opportunities.


Post Season Championships: NECA post season championships would need four colleges to be recognized for post season awards such as all-conference, tourney champions, coach of the year etc.

NECA Championships (Open to Full and Affiliate members)


Cross Country

Men’s Basketball



YSCC/USCAA Championships (Open to Full Members)

Baseball (fall) (fall Classic Championship)

Softball (fall) (fall Classic Championship)

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Soccer

Cross Country



Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Baseball (spring) (YSCC Championship)

Softball (spring) (YSCC Championship)



Adding NECA Sports:

Any sport could be added to the NECA post season championships provided there is interest in the sport. The nominating college would present the process and post season opportunity at least 2 meetings prior to the actual implementation of the sport.

Deleting NECA Sports:

Sports that lack interest from the membership would be suspended until interest changes occur that would bring the sport back to the competitive level